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Frequently asked questions

Sometimes Some of the terms of our business are: A little complicated to understand or you may have a notion, but do not know the details so thoroughly, thinking about you and to have an adequate communication, we have created this page with the most frequent questions that clients ask us when hiring our services.

Terminology-related questions

What is a Web Domain?

Web pages use a unique address that identifies and distinguishes them from others; this address is known as the IP address. Trying to remember the numbers that make up the IP addresses of each of the websites we visit on a daily basis would be very complicated because of what they were created Unique alphabetical addresses that are easier to remember These are called “domains” and may include the letters of the alphabet (a-z), the digits 0 through nine, and the hyphen (-).

A domain or domain name is the name that identifies your website on the internet. For example, “” is the domain name of the Internet Project website. Each domain is unique and it is never the case that one domain points to two different websites.

There are many extensions (.com, .net, .org, etc.) for domain names and these fulfill the role of identifying the type of activity that performs it.

The Domains are “rented” per year to the entities that govern the administration of these parameters; The payment of this rent is usually made on an annual basis. If payment is not made, the domain may be taken over by another commercial entity or individual.

Web Hosting, Web Hosting or WebHosting

Web hosting is the service that provides Internet users with a private, secure and ad-free system to store the files that will make up their website.

In order for your domain to be associated with a website, you must purchase a “hosting account” with a provider dedicated to these matters. You can think of your hosting account as a kind of “virtual hard drive”, whose rent you pay annually and which is vitally important to the operation of your business or project on the Internet.

Desarrollos Creativos, is NOT a hosting provider but we work with an associated company that provides us with this service and that meets all the demands and standards that we request, to provide a service of optimal international quality.

Email or Email Accounts

E-mail is a network service that allows users to quickly send and receive messages through servers on the Internet. This service can be hosted in your Hosting account or you can hire a specialized service when you need to manage a large number of email accounts associated with a domain.

What is a CMS? (Content Manager)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that allows you to create a support structure for the creation and management of content, mainly on web pages.

It consists of an interface that controls one or more databases where the site’s content is hosted. The system allows content and design to be managed independently. Thus, it is possible to manage the content and give it a different design to the site at any time, without having to format the content again, in addition to allowing easy and controlled publication on the site to several editors.

There are several CMSs on the market, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, etc. Each of them has features that differentiate it from the others and in some cases they specialize in a certain type of website such as Magento and PrestaShop which are CMS exclusively for online stores.

What are the CMSs we use?

For almost everything we work with WordPress, but if the site requires it we can also make online stores with Magento and PrestaShop. In very particular cases, we can also develop a CMS tailored to your requirements.

Service-Related Questions

How do I know I’m not going to get scammed?

We live in a society of risks, which makes trust and lack of trust factors that have to be dealt with on a daily basis.

Many of our clients come from being scammed or disappointed by providers of dubious integrity, who cashed out and then didn’t deliver on what they offered or simply disappeared. We are aware of this situation and the mistrust generated by having been previously scammed.


Many times the provider is NOT a scammer or a thief, but is inept; with good will, but inept at last… And you who know the human being, but NOT in a way websites, design or advertising, You can see the goodwill in your interviewee’s eyes, But you will never be able to foresee whether he possesses the experience, the knowledge, the talent and the professionalism necessary to serve you as it should be.

A Reliable Way to Evaluate the Supplier and verify that you have the knowledge or are able to attend to it properly, is by examining your portfolio of clients or work done, even you can Look at the footer of a website and look for the company’s logo, or a link to the website, this is a Very effective indication to check that indeed the company that offers the Web Design services has made that page.

“There is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer”

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  • Testimonials from satisfied customers

I’ve already purchased my domain and web hosting, can I use them?

In case you already purchased the WEB HOSTING on your own

Many customers come to us once they have already purchased the Domain and Web Hosting. This is a situation we already face many times and as a result we have had countless problems with hosting providers who make our work virtually a nightmare.

If you’ve ever had a website hosted with: Caracas Hosting, Warp Software, Venezuela Hosting or Iguana Hosting, you probably know what we’re talking about.

To build a website well , servers have to have specific technical requirements that not all providers meet and that many times they don’t even understand.

Hosting-related issues are extremely complex for ordinary users.

If we work with the web hosting recommended by us

We take care of everything , without you having to be involved in decisions, paperwork or configurations and all technical support activities are handled by us in a way that is transparent to you.

If we work with a web hosting contracted by you

You will be the intermediary between us and your web hosting provider, having to make decisions, make configurations and handle information that may be incomprehensible to you (which may cause delays in the activities related to the development of your website).

If you still want to use your previously contracted accommodation, you should take into account:

  • You will be responsible for managing all requirements related to your supplier.
  • Any activity related to data restoration and/or loss, special configurations, failures or incompatibility will incur an additional cost.
  • We assume no responsibility for the integrity or security of any information posted to the account.
  • Delays caused by any issue related to web hosting will be deducted from the delivery time offered for the job.
  • Activities derived from ignorance of technical issues related to hosting, domain, emails, databases or security and integrity of the website will be subject to an additional budget.

In case you already purchased the DOMAIN on your own

It is possible to use your own previously purchased domain “if and only if” any of the following conditions are met:

  1. You are the one who registered it and/or have access to the e-mail address with which you registered.
  2. The person who registered it is available and willing to agree to modify the necessary information to make the necessary configurations.

Perfect! I meet the necessary conditions

In this case, when you already have a purchased Domain and you ask us to develop your website, we proceed as follows:

  1. We sign up for a new domain, preferably a representative and easy-to-remember domain, recommended by us but approved by you. This domain can become the main one or it can simply be supported, in the end your page will have TWO domains: you can access it by typing either of the two. You can decide whether to use your old domain or the new one.
  2. We hire a new hosting with the provider we trust, with which we can guarantee that your website will work 100%.
  3. We create your website.
  4. When finished, we move/redirect/reconfigure your domain so that it points to the page we have made for it.
  5. We set up your emails again (if necessary).
  6. You can decide whether to delete the old domain or use it for other purposes, in case you do not use it as your main purpose (such as: Install a Blog that supports the positioning of your website, use it as an online repository of files, etc.).

Don’t remember who you bought the domain from?

You can make an enquiry on the website of ICANN (the company responsible for international domains) or the website of Conatel (responsible for the . VE) to verify who owns your domain and get in touch with that person.

I want to have control over my domain

For reasons of service agility , we usually take full control of all aspects related to your domain and hosting.

Much of the service we provide lies in the specialist knowledge of what to do, where to do it and when to do it.

If you have the necessary specialized personnel or knowledge , you can ask us to transfer the domain previously purchased through us, for this you must:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Send us your Name, Email and User ID related to the account you just created.

From the moment we transfer the domain name to you, you will be solely responsible for the status (settings and payments) of your domain; we will no longer have any interference or responsibility for any situation related to changes made by you.

This transfer is made free of charge as long as the domain is more than 30 days away from its expiration; if this is not the case, you must pay the renewal of the domain to us in order to make the transfer.

If you wish to do this after your domain is expired and in redemption status, you will have to pay an extra $100 fee for reconnection and renewal and then make the transfer.

If the domain is free again , there is nothing we can do about it, you will have to purchase your domain by your own means.