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Calculator PayPal, to calculate the commission in Dollars and Euros

PayPal Commission Calculator

The calculator offers 2 different ways depending on what we want to know.

What are PayPal fees?


For PayPal to be a profitable platform and to be able to maintain its services, it is fair and necessary to receive some remuneration. This remuneration is made through commissions.


PayPal is one of the main and oldest platforms to send and receive money in different types of currencies.

Sometimes the sender must put the commission. In these cases it is necessary to calculate the PayPal commission in advance to ensure that the exact amount arrives.

How much does PayPal of Commission charge?

The calculation depends on the currency and country where the transaction is made. Although many websites claim that it is the same in Euros or Dollars, the reality is that the calculation is different.

PayPal is a company based in the United States, its revenue is generated in USD$ (US dollars) so the commissions in Dollars are the same in any country.

Calculation of PayPal commission in other currencies

When the payment currency is from another country, a totally different conversion and commission calculation must be made.

For example, if you pay in Euros from Spain the calculation of the commission is as follows: 3.4% of the total amount + € 0.35, and there may be special rates if sales exceed € 2500.

Calculation of the commission of PayPal in Dollars

PayPal charges a transaction fee of 5.4% of the transferred amount + 0.30$USD.

This may vary depending on the type of account. For example, if your sales exceed 3,000 $USD per month you can request preferential rates.

If you want to have this calculator at hand without having to see all the previous text, you can go directly to the following link and save it in your favorites:

[ PayPal Commission Calculator ]

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